OWSLA's "Nestivus" is in full swing - Get involved

OWSLA, the label headed by Skrillex is giving back this holiday season with a special "Nestivus" promotion. For only $9 this month, OWSLA's Nest IV music service on Drip.fm, will be releasing special tracks every day until December 25th from the likes of Dog Blood, Jack Beats, The M Machine, and more. The cool part is that all profits made in the month of December will be donated to "Bridges For Music", a non-profit dedicated to constructing music schools in the Langa Township of South Africa.

We're only 5 days into the Nestivus season and already members have enjoyed tracks from Desctructo, I Am Legion, Alesia's new EP, and the Widdler. With plenty of new downloads to be had, I highly recommend that you consider signing up for $9 because it's for a great cause. I subscribed, will you?