Tiesto talked to DJ Mag about his decision in 2007-8 to leave trance

Found this question and answer to be very interesting:  

When you left trance in 2007-8, if you hadn’t done that would you have still been so big in the US?
“Maybe, it’s hard to say. I think I’d still be the ‘Tiesto trance guy’ but the difference is you’re not really being rewarded. Some of the old trance guys still have their following but it doesn’t feel like anybody really cares — and that’s the biggest difference. It’s nice to be in touch with the new kids who are coming up — 16-, 18-year-olds who are producing house music see me as kind of a godfather, and it’s really cool to be in touch with them. I think if I’d still been a trance DJ, I’d have been so disconnected with that sound that I wouldn’t be much inspiration for them, and vice versa.”


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(Source: DJ Mag via inthemix