Interview preview (4/4): Super8 & Tab talk about "Trance 2.0"

This week I had the chance to engage with the Finnish trance duo Super8 & Tab in an amazing interview that I hope all of you will read when it's released later today. In the final part of this mini-series, Super8 & Tab (Miika: Super8 and Janne: Tab) answered my question about whether the term "trance 2.0" is still valid today:

EDM Canada: Back in early 2012 there was a lot of talk about “trance 2.0”, is that concept dead in the water today or is still living?

Miika: That's the evolution, trance is at the 2.0 stage right now but people have taken that label away.

Janne: Trance has always been changing and getting influenced from other genres as well. If you look at the way trance was sounding in 1994 as compared to 2002, and 2013, you can see the journey that trance has taken. So maybe we're in trance 3.0 today.

Miika: Maybe we're in trance 2.5.

Janne: 2.14.

Miika: Trance has changed, it's just that people don't talk about it anymore.

Janne: They accept that it is changing. It's the same thing with house music, and even techno is changing.

Get ready to read the full interview when I post it later today! I hope this little preview has whetted your appetite because it will be worth your time to check it out.

Super8 & Tab will be stopping in Calgary tomorrow night at Marquee, and on Friday in Vancouver at Celebrities.

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