Interview preview (3/4): Super8 & Tab talk about their upcoming events in Calgary and Vancouver

This week I had the chance to engage with the Finnish trance duo Super8 & Tab in an amazing interview that I hope all of you will read when it's released tomorrow. In part 3 of this on-going mini-series preview of this soon to be published interview, Super8 & Tab (Miika: Super8 and Janne: Tab) answered my question on what trance fans in Calgary and Vancouver can expect from their live set this week:

EDM Canada: You're returning to Vancouver and Calgary this week, what do you have planned for the Canadian Trancefamily?

Janne: You'll get to hear a lot of unreleased tracks that we're currently testing right now. We played in Vancouver a year ago and it was really really really good.

Miika: Can't wait to be back!

Janne: But with Calgary I think it was 2 years ago the last time we played and we haven't played at Marquee before so we are super excited to be back in Calgary.

Miika: We're happy to be back in Canada and excited to try Vancouver sushi. (laughs)

Get ready for part 4 where I asked them what they thought of the term "trance 2.0" and whether the term is valid today.

Super8 & Tab will be stopping in Calgary tomorrow night at Marquee, and on Friday in Vancouver at Celebrities.

The ticket giveaway is nearing its conclusion as I have already awarded tickets for tomorrow's show in Calgary, but you still have a chance to enter the Vancouver contest for free tickets! Click here to find out how.