Read this: "Why It Sucks To Be a Woman Who Raves"

Read this interesting article that makes the case that the EDM scene might have turned for the worst in terms of equality between sexes while raving:

"Six or seven years ago, the playing field was pretty even. We went out to parties, we dressed as if David Bowie and Karen O had a baby, we got drunk on whiskey, we danced and we were never embarrassed by our surroundings.

But things have changed. What started out as fun, rowdy party tricks have been fully incorporated into the scene as sexist expectations. That which was once ironic parody has become a parody of itself. We no longer look around the dance floor and see a utopia of acceptance."

You should definitely click here to read the entire article as Kat Bein made more than a few valid points.

(Source: Dallas Observer)