Interview preview (2/4): Super8 & Tab talked about Anjunabeats

This week I had the chance to engage with the Finnish trance duo Super8 & Tab in an amazing interview that I hope all of you will read when it's released this Thursday. In part 2 of this on-going mini-series preview this soon to be published interview, Super8 & Tab (Miika: Super8 and Janne: Tab) answered my question on whether or not there has been a shift away from trance music over at Anjunabeats, a label created by trance giants Above & Beyond:

EDM Canada: You guys have had a long history with Anjunabeats, but recently there seems to be a shift happening away from trance from that label created by Above & Beyond, are you guys noticing that as well or am I off the mark?

Janne: I think it's been since day 1 of Anjunabeats that their sound has been changing. If you look at their history over the past 10+ years, there's always some progress going on inside that label.

Miika: A few years back the entire trance scene changed quite a lot.

Janne: They're not releasing 138 bpm tracks anymore. But I think they are still trance in some ways, so I think they still consider themselves as a trance label even though they are releasing under the Anjunadeep sound which is more house.

Miika: .. And hip hop. (laughs)

You're referring to a couple of tracks released under Mat Zo's new album?

Miika: Yeah yeah. But it's okay because Mat Zo is from a Drum N Bass background actually.

Janne: That's his background.

Miika: So why not? But I couldn't see us doing a hip hop track but you never know.

Get ready for part 3 where I asked them on what they thought of the term "trance 2.0" and whether the term is valid today.

Super8 & Tab will be stopping in Calgary this Thursday at Marquee, and on Friday in Vancouver at Celebrities.

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