Interview preview (1/4): Super8 & Tab recounted their marathon 18 hour studio session with BT

This week I had the chance to engage with the Finnish trance duo Super8 & Tab in an amazing interview that I hope all of you will read when it's released this Thursday. In part 1 of 4 of the Super8 & Tab interview preview, read the crazy story of when American DJ/Producer BT traveled to Helsinki for a marathon 18 hour session with Miika (Super8) and Janne (Tab):

Janne: The one thing we can say is that we're working on a track with BT.

EDM Canada: That's the 18 hour session I read about in other recent interviews?

Miika: Yeah, that was really crazy. He flew into Helsinki and when we went to our studio, we worked for 18 hours straight.

Janne: Straight.

Miika: We were working the entire time. Usually after 10 hours it starts to get really slow and what happens the next day you just end up working off of an earlier project file. But with BT we were progressing the entire time to the point of a virtual finished track by the end of the session. But with BT being a perfectionist (and us too), he wants to do some edits in his studio and we'll continue to do some tweaks as well.

Janne: We actually didn't have anymore time because he had arrived at 10 am on a Monday morning, and left the studio at 5-6 am where he had to catch a flight back to the States at 2 pm the next day.

That was intense. So did you guys create 1 track from that session?

Janne: Yes.

Can you tell me if it's a vocal or a non-vocal track?

Miika: non-vocal. It's instrumental. So far!

Janne: You never know. (laughs)

What's the length of the track?

Janne: Around 7 minutes. I think we managed to incorporate both BT and Super8 & Tab's signature sounds into that one track.

Miika: And it still sounds fresh.

What an intense studio session! I can't wait to hear the final version of this track as they all sounded very inspired in the studio. Get ready for part 2 of the interview preview coming soon!

Don't forget that Super8 & Tab will be stopping by in Calgary this Thursday at Marquee, and on Friday in Vancouver at Celebrities.

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