Watch 3 brand new episodes of "In The Booth Season 2" with Tiesto

Tiesto gives another 3 episodes of the "In The Booth" video series which takes an almost mini-documentary look into one of the most successful DJs on the planet. In episode 5 Tiesto actually reveals quite a bit by showcasing some of the producers that are helping him fulfill his musical vision at the moment. This is a rare glimpse into that world, so make sure to check it out:

In episode 6, you see Tiesto racing cars in Las Vegas. Kind of like an EDM version of Top Gear, so if that floats your boat, then click below:

In episode 7, Tiesto will take you down memory lane in New York City where he met up with Noah Tepperberg, part-owner of Marquee NYC and other spots. Then he'll take you to Webster Hall, the old spot where the Roxy club used to be, and more:

If you want to see the first episodes of season 2 of "In The Booth", click here.