Interview: Topher Jones

Topher Jones, the Chicago based DJ/Producer who had a breakout year in 2012 with the smash hits "Brohammer" and "Hello Chicago", is one busy guy. Not only did he just finish a huge tour supporting his dear friends Tritonal, but now he's on board his first bus tour supporting Morgan Page for a string of shows in Western Canada. With a 3D Experience Tour show in Calgary tonight, Edmonton tomorrow, and a sold out show in Vancouver this Saturday, I thought it would be a good time to catch up with Topher Jones and find out what he's been up to, enjoy:

EDM Canada: How did you get started as a DJ/Producer?

Topher Jones: About 14 years ago. I was just really into music and wanted to learn how to DJ so I got some turntables (laughs). That's really kind of it – nothing magical. 6 years later I started writing music. So that's how it got started.

What kind of software did you use to start writing music?

I think I had Ableton at first, and then Logic pretty quickly after that because I didn't like Ableton very much.

Describe your style

I don't know how to describe it. (laughs) It's because there's a wide variety of stuff. I just make some good dance music that I hope people enjoy that evokes emotion from people. It might be uplifting sing-a-long stuff or the more clubby and ragey. I make emotional music I guess.

You've had such a break out year with Brohammer and Hello Chicago in 2012, did you feel any pressure to top yourself this year?

No I don't worry about that stuff. I just continue to write music that I love and try to grow as an artist. I don't think about things year by year but rather what I want to do in five years and how to get there. I don't look back and think of what to do next year, but rather I take steps to accomplish what I want to do in five years and go from there.

What is your vision for the next 5 years?

I have an idea but it's always changing. I want to be doing some big big things.

You were on a tour supporting Tritonal earlier this year, how did that experience compare with the current one with the Morgan Page 3D Experience Tour?

It's only been 24 hours that I've been on the Morgan Page tour but the first 24 hours has been great. I do prefer being on a bus instead of flying everyday as it saves you a lot of time. The Tritonal tour was amazing, Chad and Dave are two of my really close friends so we had so much fun. It was really special to go on tour with them and this tour with Morgan is very special too and a really cool opportunity as well.

Is this the first time you're sharing the decks with Morgan Page and Beltek?

It is.

What can fans expect to see from Topher Jones when you'll play for them in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary?

They'll get to hear 3 or 4 brand new tracks that aren't released yet as well as the big tracks that have done well for me including some other of my favourite tracks at the moment.

Do you have any news or new releases set for 2013, 2014 that you'd like to share?

“Talk About It” came out last month and it has done very well and it went to #2 on hype machine which is really cool. The remixes of the track will come out on December 3rd and those will be really really special. I have a club mix of “Talk About It” that is really meant more for the clubs and there's an amazing trap remix done by K Theory. There's also an awesome deep house remix by a guy named Happy Face Soul, so it's a really diverse package and I think it'll do really well.

My thanks to Topher Jones for the interview!

If you haven't had the chance to listen to Topher's latest track called "Talk About It", then get on it because it's really addictive as Katie Sky's vocal is mesmerizing and the beat is quite catchy:

The official remixes for "Talk About It" will be coming out on December 3rd and will feature a big room remix from Topher, a trap remix from K-Theory, and a deep house remix from Happy Face Soul.

Topher Jones will be supporting Morgan Page on his 3D Experience Tour in Calgary tonight, Edmonton tomorrow, and will be playing to a sold out show in Vancouver this Saturday.