Listen now: Markus Schulz 8 hour set from Stereo Montreal

Yesterday Markus Schulz gave an incredible gift to his fans by uploading his entire 8 hour rabbit hole set from Stereo Nightclub in Montreal. This set was spun infront of a sold out crowd which started in the wee hours of the morning and lasted until around noon during the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Here is Markus Schulz himself describing the set in his own words:  

A privilege and an honor - the best way to describe playing one of the best clubs in the world, Stereo in Montreal, or ((( )))
Montreal is a very unique place in the world of clubbing. When everyone else is going to bed, the Montreal clubbers are just getting their night started. I was given the task of helping them celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in the early hours of Monday October 14.
As a sincere thank you to everyone for your support and appreciation throughout the year, including this year's DJ Mag Top 100 poll, this is a small way of saying thank you. This is the entire 463 minutes of my set at Stereo. No cuts, no edits, just exactly how it went down.
Hope you enjoy the journey. Just have some spare underwear handy in case you need it.
With love,
Markus x

The bond between Canadian fans and Markus Schulz continues to grow strong. Thank you for this gift Markus!