Gareth Emery: "I wouldn’t really put myself in the trance bracket"

Gareth Emery recently gave a very good interview with inthemix where he explained his current feelings on the trance genre where he made such a big name for himself just a few years ago:

 "I wouldn’t really put myself in the trance bracket. I’ve always tried to show, particularly of the last few years, that good music is good music and one of the things that I try to avoid is dividing music up into little genres.

For example, if you look at the stage I’m playing on, there are people from all sorts of genres since it’s one of the main stages. Trance is kind of in a strange place…it’s obviously the world I come from and a lot of my fans definitely consider themselves trance fans. For me, the most interesting place in that style of music is where it crosses over into other genres – that melting pot middle ground of trance and progressive, or trance and house. In terms of the really old school, super-fast 138 to 140-BPM stuff, that’s not really the kind of music I’m into at all these days."

To read the entire interview, click here.