Dave Grohl pokes fun at DJs in latest Soundgarden video

Dave Grohl directed the following music video for Soundgarden where Deadmau5 makes a surprise cameo appearance:

The DJ, who is played by the same actor in Calvin Harris' 'Bounce', and Zedd's 'Clarity' videos, is portrayed as a preposterous DJ caricature that's playing to an empty room and eventually calls the cops on Soundgarden when they unplug his laptop and take over the stage. I will spare you the blow by blow but eventually Soundgarden are 'caught' and are arrested by Deadmau5 dressed as a cop.

Is this video some kind of metaphor to suggest that EDM is now the 'man' and that DJs are trying to put down Rock and Roll? I could write a crappy English report on it if I was still back in my grade 6 English class.

(Source: SPIN)