Alan Fitzpatrick turned up the heat in Miami

Even though there was a low turn out and only "20% of the crowd knew who Marco Bailey and Alan Fitzpatrick were" at the Mansion Club in Miami, Alan Fitzpatrick managed to play a great set nonetheless: 

"The big man gets behind the controls with a giant smile on his face and a wearing a disposition as if he was playing a sold out show at The Ministry of Sound. Usually when a DJ gets on to a so/so crowd on a so/so night you can see it in their face. Not Alan."

I've seen my fair share of shows where the DJ delivers a C-level set when either there was a low turn out or something went wrong with the equipment. It is in these situations where the best DJs in the business make it a great night regardless of the obstacles. I've personally seen Showtek and Birdy Nam Nam rise beyond these challenges, and I'm happy to read that Alan Fitzpatrick has done it too.

(Source: Beatmill)