The (sad) reason of why Jeff Mills will retire 'The Wizard' moniker

To read the reason of why Jeff Mills, one of the pioneers of Techno from Detroit, is retiring 'The Wizard' alias in a Beatport interview is a little heartbreaking:

"I thought it went well, but from what I heard afterwards many people were not satisfied with hearing an eclectic set [At Movement Detroit last year], or at least an eclectic set from me. This was unfortunate to hear because Detroit had always been a place where the mixing of music styles was common—and infamous for."

(Beatport Interview)

'The Wizard' alias was used by Jeff Mills in the 1980s era where more experimentation in Detroit was permitted. Since he believes that there weren't many in attendance that was from this generation and due to the "way things have progressed", he has made the decision to declare 'The Wizard' a "historical concept" that will never return.

I hope he changes his mind one day because some of my favourite DJs, like Diplo, are the ones that do not belong to any strict EDM genre and are free to experiment with so many more interesting influences and sounds.

Beatport has found 'The Wizard' set from Movement last year so you can come to your own conclusions:

(Beatport, VIA FACT)