John 'OO' Fleming year end thoughts on Trance and more

John 'OO' Fleming has never been shy about sharing his thoughts in the past and even though this year's address is a little more sedated it's because he has a lot more to be happy about, here's why.

On the state of Trance: 

"At the start of 2012 I made a bold statement stating that 2012 would be the resurgence of the more pure form of Trance. Many DJ's and producers have certainly been active forging ahead with new projects and tour concepts. DJ’s like Solarstone, Paul Oakenfold, and Simon Patterson have all been quite vocal. Even M.I.K.E. seems to be turning back to his Trance roots, just a few examples of many. We've seen many clubs nights moving away from the usual mainstream acts, and going back to their club roots."

On reporting a shift in musical direction from many promoters/DJs/producers:

"In the depths of inside the industry, I'm getting a lot of chatter from promoters, producers and DJ's wanting to change their musical direction. Many felt they were stuck just going with the flow of the masses copying their business models thinking this was the way to make their ‘big break’ and also how to survive. After a while they knew they were just another number. These artists/DJ’s/promoters now want to reach for that inspirational side again and start doing what they always believed in. So from my eyes, I'm seeing huge change already, this will certainly surface in 2013."

I'm not quite sure if this is a European trend or something that's also happening in North America but it's good to hear that some promoters/DJs/producers out there are willing to take a few more chances. Let's hope this trend continues. 

John 'OO' Fleming will be playing a 5 hour set in Toronto this Friday, January 25th at the Toika Lounge in Toronto, click here for more information.

(Source: Facebook)