Two opposing views regarding the Sync button on the new CDJ-2000 Nexus

Gareth Emery played on the new CDJ-2000nexus during NYE in Toronto on Monday and wrote about his positive experience on Facebook:

..."whilst the reaction of a few is OMFG SYNC BUTTON URE FAKING URE SET I actually found the opposite was true, and I ended up playing a longer, more diverse & varied set than I would otherwise have done. I guess like many things in this wonderful world of dance music, when you dig deep and look at the subtleties & complexities of a situation, you find the reality is often rather different to the headline."

Read the whole post here.

Meanwhile fellow Trance producer Arnej offered an opposing 140 character view on Twitter:

With the new CDJ Nexus systems being installed in major clubs I'm sure the debate about the sync button is just getting started.