Nicky Romero interview with Beatport

Nicky Romero sat down with Beatport for a lengthy and informative interview. Here are some choice quotes:

On Holland being cutthroat for aspiring talent:

"My belief is that if you can DJ in Holland, you can DJ anywhere in the world."

On what is needed to become a major artist in electronic dance music today:

"These days you can no longer just be a DJ—you have to be a whole business entity. Between the radio shows, label work, live appearances, and productions there are so many boxes to tick these days and each one is vital to your visibility and success within the modern market."

Thoughts about pop music:

"It is only natural that people judge pop music, but to be honest I have never cared about that particular brand—I just carry on making my music."

If you are a fan of Nicky Romero then this is a must read interview.