Dillon Francis will be in 5 Canadian cities as part of his 'WURLD TURR' this Spring

Exciting news for cat lovers and moombathon fans alike as Dillon Francis will be hitting Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Victoria, and Vancouver this Spring as part of his 'WURLD TURR'.

Dillon Francis established himself in the scene with original tracks like I.D.G.A.F.O.S, Masta Blasta, and Music is Dead. But more recently he's shifted to making a lot of remixes of tracks from producers such as Madeon, Nicky Romero/Nervo, and Dada Life. But it's a safe bet that the combination of his music and his persona will draw a strong turn out for all of these events.

Dillon Francis will also be joined for the Canadian half of the tour with Oliver, who are about to release a very promising new EP, here's the preview:

This preview is outstanding and I am looking forward to the eventual release in 6 days.

Here are the Canadian dates for the WURLD TOUR:

Tickets go on sale Friday.