Ever wondered why Dada Life are obsessed with Bananas? (Dada Life Canadian Tour Dates)

Dada Life sat down with the Food Republic to answer the old age Dada Life question:

Taste-wise, they are actually terrible together. It came from us needing energy when we're DJing. We always had them on the rider — bananas for potassium to keep us going, and champagne for keeping your head bubbly. It’s the perfect combination. You can’t have an apple in a club — it'll get slippery and gross — but a banana is perfect because you open it up and it’s all fresh inside. It's impossible to eat a sandwich in a club because it would get so dirty. Clubs are the grimiest places on earth.

(Source: Food Republic)

With a brand new album on the way, Dada Life will be undertaking a MASSIVE tour that includes a many Canadian dates (thank you!). If these gigs are half as good as one of my favourite event recap videos below then it's going to be a really good time:

Here are Dada Life's Canadian Tour Dates: