What was the most played track at Electric Zoo according to Dancing Astronaut?

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash - Reload:

I bet it will go straight to #1 on Beatport when it is officially released on September 21st.

(Source: Dancing Astronaut)


Bonus: Speaking of the Electric Zoo festival here's what EDM Snob said about the experience:

He first called New York City a "magical place" but then 3 paragraphs later he referred to NYC as "the most detached and emotionless cities in the world".

In respect to the festival itself he stated "Electric Zoo is one of those festivals that leaves you in awe of the power of experience". But when compared to Ultra Music Festival, EDC and Sensation he stated that Electric Zoo was "painfully ordinary". "As a result, there were relative lulls in each day where I saw people in a state I call “active boredom”; they were walking around just for the sake of moving."

I like EDM Snob but I found this review to be a little harsh.

(Source: EDM Snob)