Funniest thing I've read in a while - Riff Raff concert review in Seattle

I literally laughed out loud multiple times while reading this concert review of Riff Raff by Andrew Matson from the Seattle Times:

The California-via-Texas rapper went on an hour late and only played for 30 minutes. But that was long enough. Any more and someone probably would have burned the place down...
...The smallish club felt oversold... Others tried to sneak in from the sidewalk to the back patio, throwing themselves over the heavy metal gate, crashing into the bushes...
...After the show multiple fights broke out on the sidewalk. Driving away, I saw guys five blocks down the road ripping off shirts, squaring up. It was too much.

But guess what? Despite all of the tongue lashing Andrew actually thought the music was good. The legend of Riff Raff continues to grow.

Riff Raff will be in Winnipeg tomorrow at the Greenroom, and at the Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver this Friday.

(Source: Seattle Times, @JODYHIGHROLLER)