Diplo produced Snoop Lion's entire new album

This could be old news to some but when Snoop originally announced his new name and sound I thought it was cool but didn't bother to read further beyond the various tweets I saw that day. But after reading this recent interview of Diplo I decided to look a further and found this article detailing that the face of Mad Decent has produced Snoop Lion's entire new album.

Diplo, who produced the entire album under his alias Major Lazer, sat to Snoop's right. He said the music was "some of the best" he's ever made and expressed his respect for the latter's career shift. "He wanted to do real reggae," Diplo said. "To sing and find a new voice. It was a dream to work on an entire record [as opposed to a single]. That's very rare."

This summer I've been listening to anything and everything that Diplo and Mad Decent have been putting out so when I see someone as talented as Diplo 100% backing the Snoop Lion reinvention then you've gained my attention. Once there are some previews of the new album I'll be sure to post them here.

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