Gareth Emery's Labour of Love set reviewed by @TranceinTOR

Interesting review on the current state of Gareth Emery's live sets:

"Gareth gave us exactly what we predicted – chart-topping anthems that are slightly overplayed but we still enjoy because we all know the words and the exact moments when the bass will drop.....To be honest, this Gareth set was very similar to what he played at Veld in the Bacardi tent."

Last year I saw Gareth Emery 3 times. This year? None. I think Gareth is an excellent DJ with a great live persona but I wished that he would vary his live sets a little more.

@TranceinTOR reviews other acts like Markus Schulz, W&W, and Glenn Morison who were also there for Labour of Love festivities in Toronto, check it out.

(Source: EDMTor)