Swedish House Mafia is likely stop in Montreal as part of their One Last Tour

Evenko, one of the largest promoters in Montreal and organizer of the Osheaga festival tweeted this today:

Let's this speculation be classified under as a 'strong rumour' for now but everyone should interpret this Tweet as a strong indication that SHM will be stopping in Montreal. With the NHL lockout in effect my guess is that Evenko will hold this event at the Bell Centre. Needless to say this will be a very hot ticket and hopefully more Canadian tour dates will be added.


Dancing Astronaut included Montreal as one of SHM's ten spots that they will be visiting as part of their 'One Last Tour' with this pic:

That's a picture of the New City Gas nightclub in Montreal with 3 loonie dots over it. I still hold out hope that SHM will be hosted at the Bell Centre because they are that huge, the tickets will sell out, and why not? If they do it at the New City Gas I feel that the tickets will not last more than a few minutes. Which is not a bad thing buuut what if Montreal is the only Canadian stop? Toronto and Ottawa SHM fans will absolutely be eyeing these tickets for a One Last Tour road trip. 

(Source: @djkinglouis, @evenko_en, Dancing Astronaut)