Swedish House Mafia snubs the EDM Snob - and rightfully so.

The EDM Snob released an article today claiming that he holds detailed information about the Swedish House Mafia's final tour which is rumoured to have stops in L.A, India, South Africa, and Russia thus far. But the EDM Snob claims to have even more information on the tour and decided to write to SHM's management with the threat of releasing what he knows before the official announcement unless he is given exclusive information. Here's an example:

"2) I am willing to postpone this leak if you agree to provide me (exclusively) with the complete information so that I can leak it at least one full day ahead of the official announcement."

Who would agree to such terms? Not SHM. Here's an excerpt of their response:

"No.... we wont give you the exclusive on our tour routing....Go threaten someone else...Idiot. SHM HQ"

You can find the full letter to SHM and their response via EDM Snob's article.

(Sources: EDM Snob, EDM Hub)