"Make some noise!"

No, I won't make some noise if you want me to. No, I won't sit down on the dirty dance floor and stand up on command. And no, I won't lift my hands up in the air because you tell me to.

I go to a club to primarily dance and listen to great music, but not to worship the DJ. I respect the DJ or else I wouldn't have bothered to pay good money to buy a ticket, dress up, get myself out of the house and willingly dance in a hot and usually packed club. But I feel like the DJ crosses the line when he asks you to perform certain things like a Pavlovian dog who is waiting for his or her treat.

The DJ should respect the dance floor just as much as we respect the DJ. If we want to put our hands in the air, jump up and down, or even scream in enjoyment, it should be because of the music and not because someone on a mic asks us to.

/End of rant.