Markus Schulz Interview: Trance is doing just fine in Ibiza

Solid interview of Marks Schulz from the Summer Festival Guide.

SFG: Your almost at the end of your residency at Privilege, how has that gone this summer?

Markus: Fantastic, I am part of the residency for A State of Trance night on Monday nights.  To be honest with you, I think it’s fantastic for both Ibiza and the trance scene.  Nobody really expected us to do what we have been doing, selling out the club week after week, 7000 strong.  The whole island is kind of like looking at us going ‘what’s going on, how are they able to do this’.  It’s really just put the spotlight on trance music again.

Trance is far from dead.

It was also revealed that Markus Schulz will go on a 'Scream' album tour with full production in the first quarter of 2013. Hopefully Markus will include a few Canadian dates.

(Source: Summer Festival Guide)