Welcome to EDM Canada, a site where you visit to find out about the latest electronic dance music (EDM) event information in your city. The section of the site that you are reading right now is my blog area where I will curate relevant EDM news and views that I think will be interesting to people like yourself, the reader aka the hardcore EDM fan who loves to stay informed. Sometimes I will be writing event reviews of recent shows that I've personally attended as well as post pictures I managed to take while I wasn't busy dancing. I am truly passionate about the music so I hope it will come out in my writing.

The other areas of the site is an up to date event calendar for EDM events in 8 major Canadian cities. My goal is simple: to create the number one destination on the Internet for the most accurate and up to date EDM events in Canada. When you think of EDM and you live in Canada or thinking of visiting Canada then it's my mission to get you to visit this site.

Full disclosure: I am located in Ottawa and EDM Canada is only run by one person, myself. But with the magic of the Internet I am perfectly capable and able to find and post all of the latest EDM events in your area. In the past 12 months I have traveled a significant amount to Montreal for EDM events and have recently been to Toronto so I am not completely bound by the city limits. I wish I could be in all places at once but alas I cannot and since I am now running a website with a national reach I figured it would be important to tell you about this right from the get go.

That being said, have a look around, and I hope that you enjoy this website as much as I've had in making it.

Note: Directly below is a sample of event reviews that I've written on major EDM events in my area and a record of blog entries that I've posted since the inception of my original site www.edmottawa.com.