Skrillex Interview: He's losing money with the Full Flex Express Tour

Found this article from the Toronto Sun via Reddit where Skrillex talked about his Full Flex Express tour:

"I'm making no money on this tour," claims Skrillex — born Sonny Moore — in an exclusive national interview. "I'm losing money to do it. I'm doing it because it's just a fun thing to do.

The Full Flex Express train also has a special studio car:

"We have a studio car. And we're all musicians. So we're just going to be jamming and listening to music, getting to know one another, connecting and building the community of the Full Flex Express... I wish we had a bigger train. That's next year. If we do well, we can get a bigger train, and expand and do stuff. But for now we're punk-rocking it, you know.”

I hope Skrillex creates a special video tour diary because it sounds like one of the best train trips ever. It will be pretty amazing if this cross Canada train ride creates some amazing music collaborations as well.

The more stuff I read about Skrillex the more I realize that money isn't really an important factor for him as artistic integrity and independence. I saw that first hand when Skrillex was as enthusiastic to play infront of 200ish people at Ritual as he was pulling the much bigger dollars doing the same thing earlier in the night infront of tens of thousands.

(Source: Toronto Sun)