My Paul Van Dyk Recap

Can't believe it's already been 3+ weeks since this event took place! On April 13th Paul Van Dyk (PVD), a true trance legend, took the stage at Barrymore's Music hall and brought Ottawa some banging tunes to get everyone dancing. Paul Van Dyk gave us a night to remember as he performed a very energetic 2 hour set with only a few melodic breaks in between.What I really appreciated about this night was that in the past you would usually have to travel to the Circus Afterhours club in Montreal to hear this kind of sound but since the EDM scene has exploded in 2012 trance fans can be treated to a very special night right here in our city.

Paul Van Dyk played a lot from his latest album 'Evolution' which was more than fine from my perspective because I've been digging his Verano track for well over a month now. Another strong track from the album that's been getting some traction in the EDM world is 'The Ocean (feat. Arty)'  which is a beautifully melodic track mixed in with some dirty trance beats:

This is the Paul Van Dyk that I love and I really respect him for sticking to his roots throughout his career. Speaking of sticking to his roots, here's another track that I feel was one of the reasons I danced my butt off that night: 

Paul Van Dyk feat Ummet Ozcan - Dae Yor

This track alone stands up well to the kind of beats PVD has been delivering his entire career and evocative of what he brought us on that night.

If you're interested in reading more about Paul Van Dyk you can check out a few enlightening articles I've read on him since his gig in Ottawa:

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PVD interview on - Check it out to read what he thinks about Skrillex.

A recent interview posted on Youtube - Fast forward to 5:35 to get to the controversial stuff.

Here's the official recap video from DNA Presents: