Las Vegas Sun: Deadmau5 to earn $425,000 per show in Las Vegas

According to Robin Leach from the Las Vegas Sun and Deadmau5 is set to earn a staggering $425,000 per gig at Hakkasan, the new nightclub set to open at the MGM Grand. It's also reported that Deadmau5 will sometimes play a second gig on the same day at the either the Wet Republic or Grand Garden Arena for the same rate. Therefore if these reports are correct then Deadmau5 is set to make up to an astonishing $850,000 per day in a two year deal totaling $35 million dollars.

Other perks for Deadmau5 reportedly includes:

"...a luxurious chauffeur-driven Maybach priced at as much as $1 million, a sprawling SkyLoft tower villa condo, restaurant signing privileges and other perks."

Just when I thought earning $250,000 per gig was a lot, Deadmau5's new Vegas contract (if true) sets booking fees to another level.

The nightclub competition for DJ talent in Las Vegas in 2013 is definitely on.

(Source: Las Vegas Sun (Via @TheDJGospel),