Laidback Luke + panelist respond to Deadmau5's 'we all hit play' argument

Laidback Luke and fellow panelist Goodwill had some interesting things to say in response of Deadmau5's 'we all hit play' tumblr post in Australia:

Laidback Luke spoke about his reaction to the Deadmau5 argument. “I was very blunt with him,” he told the room. “It’s basically like saying that sex is just an up and down motion without actually naming the magic of it. Trying to explain what we do in such a way is just very basic and silly.”

“I can pretty much guarantee that he’s not going out to clubs and hearing good DJs DJ,” Goodwill added. “He’s playing at festivals after DJs that do play pretty plain sets.

Perfect analogy from Laidback Luke.

(Source: inthemix)