David Guetta defends his DJ credentials

Quoted from Vibe:

“For so many years I DJed in clubs and learned the hard way,” Guetta explains. “The big DJs start by being bedroom producers and they have a hit and suddenly start playing in front of thousands of people. But the way I did it was by working six nights, playing eight hours sets every night. I’ve learned a lot about how to communicate with the crowd, so when my music crossed over that stayed. The connection with the people is what makes the difference for me.”

David Guetta has also been quoted that he would like experiment a bit more by creating tracks with his friends rather than seek the next big hit or collaboration. You know what else would be cool? To see David Guetta return to his DJ'ing roots and plan a multi-city tour where you see him play extended sets again. Not such a radical idea for a DJ that has cut his teeth, much like Tiesto, in European clubs playing for long stretches of time while learning his craft. Many Trance and Techno/House DJ routinely do this all the time. Maybe it's a pipe dream but if David Guetta were to embrace his DJ past it would help rebuild his image as a true DJ.

Update: Seems like David Guetta has collaborated 2 tracks with Rihanna for her upcoming album.