Getting to know Diplo - the most interesting DJ on the planet

The Guardian wrote a great profile on Diplo that you can read here. The way he weaves between different kinds of music from all over the world while collaborating with the likes of Beyonce and No Doubt is beyond impressive. Diplo's never-ending search for what's fresh across the globe is why the Mad Decent site is the only label website that I visit on the regular. 

Random notes from the article:

According to Diplo the next new thing is in Indonesia:

"Indonesia, I'd say. Kids there are creating crazy shit ... there's this Dutch house scene, but then they have this real ghetto attitude towards it."

The 3Bal sound from Mexico. Ever heard of it? This was the first time I have ever read about 3bal which is defined as "a mix of pretty much everything a dance-minded teenager from Mexico would be exposed to on the internet: Kuduro, cumbia, two-step, house, techno, and generally all things bass, are present in this peculiar sound." (Dummy Mag

'Morning Cumbia' (Toy Selectah Raverton Remix MASTER) DJ Javier Estrada:

Jillionaire (From Major Lazer) on Phat Deuce: (a producer completely unknown to me until I read this article)

"There's this Afghani kid in Stockholm called Phat Deuce who's started sending us his music and he's amazing"

I went through his Soundcloud catalogue of tracks and really enjoyed 'Yung Coconut - How U Want It'

(Source: Guardian, Dummy Mag)