Steve Aoki: "You just have to release few songs that translate to a global audience" - Is he right?

Quoted from the Fuse (Via Mixmag) interview with Steve Aoki:

"The great thing about the dance/EDM world is it's not like you need an album every year. You just have to release few songs that translate to a global audience. And that’s why some of the best, most popular DJs don’t even have an album out. Avicii doesn't have an album out but his music translates across cultures and languages to people all over the world."

This statement above applies to only a handful of DJs/Producers like Steve Aoki. The reason why Steve Aoki is able to pull it off is because he's one of the only bona fide DJ rock stars in the business.

Avicii managed to rocket to the top because Levels was such a monster hit that allowed him to have such a huge first half of 2012. Whether he maintains his status in 2013 still remains to be seen.

It's very rare when an artist stays at the top of the EDM world for an extended period amount of time. Just look at the DJ Mag top 100 poll results from a decade back and you'll see what I mean.

Read the rest of the interview if you're interested in his thoughts on the power of social media in EDM.