Ghostwriting in EDM

I've been reading rumours about famous DJs using ghostwriters for a long time now and this article from Mixmag is one of the first I've read describing how widespread the activity has become. 

..."some [DJs] are much less knowledgeable and just bring the Beatport or RA Top 10 and a sample of an old record and say, ‘I want one like that using this sample’ and let me get on with it, stopping occasionally to refer back to the reference tracks to make sure I’m going in the right direction."

Unfortunately with the bottom falling out of record sales, some sound engineers have no choice but to ghostwrite in order to pay their bills. What's shameful are the DJs using these services and taking full credit for works that they paid for.

The author of the article is named Ben Gomori, and his personal blog can be found here.

(Source: Mixmag)