Paul Oakenfold chimes in about the American EDM boom

From Beatport:

"The times have changed for electronic music—it is now all about short bursts of energy. With so much going on at such a fast pace, there is desperation for the fans to have everything all at once.... Regrettably it is no longer about seven-hour sets and extended musical experiences, but more about hitting it hard and getting on with it. I don’t necessarily like that approach or enjoy seeing it, as I still love the idea of taking people on a journey in music and sharing experiences both new and unusual, not to mention showcasing the art of DJing."

You haven't fully experienced electronic dance music until you've attended an extended set by one of your favourite DJs. It would be so cool to one day see a forward thinking festival introducing 4 hour set times for someone like Carl Cox, Armin, Sasha, or Markus.

You can read the full Beatport interview with Paul Oakenfold here.