ITAM: The M Machine Interview

Here it is.

Into the AM (ITAM): So you think that eventually you might get to where Deadmau5 is with his stadium shows, or Amon Tobin is with his iSam 2.0?

A: So from the conception of the project, the entire ethos of what we wanted to do, is to integrate very seamlessly the visuals. We wanted something that was very tight, very tied together, something that we are able to do. Every single light that happens on there we made, we sat down and thought about. What does this look like on the screen? What color is this song?

Every interview I read from these guys is link worthy because you can tell how deeply they think about everything they do. I hope they rise to even further prominence once they've released their Metropolis Pt. 2 EP.

(Source: ITAM)