Carl Cox speaks out

Carl Cox gave a great interview to DMC World Magazine:

"...the majority of the biggest DJs in the world have the same playlist playing the same records every time. They are scared of stepping out of their '2 hour comfort zone set'. It is far too poptastic for me, you get what you see on the tin with these guys. It's like having an MTV jukebox behind the decks. On the other side of the coin you have us lot, they probably see us as old skool DJs. But I am where I am, still at the highest level. If I want to go and play Drum & Bass at SW4, House music at DC10 and Techno at Space, I can... they want to see a DJ make a mistake, they want to see some passion, they want to get their money's worth..."

Dead on. Couldn't agree more.

(Source: DMC World Magazine)