Edmonton is hosting Canada's first 'All Bass/Hardstyle Massive' on Dec 29th

The hardstyle takeover of Western Canada continues as Edmonton hosts the first Bass/Hardstyle mega event with 14 DJs across two rooms.

Here's the current lineup:

Heavy Arena

Nero (DJ Set), Doctor P, Borgore, Delta Heavy, Loadstar, Brown+Gammon, Slim Pickins, Phatcat

Hard Arena

Brennan Heart, Wildstylez, Frontliner, James Gayliss, Bahvesh, Eric Dang

The official after party will feature Zedd on December 30th at the Edmonton Event Centre.

Edmonton may not host the same amount of weekly EDM events as some other cities but when it comes to massive events like these, Edmonton stands tall and shines.

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Official Website of BASSARENA.