Zedd's New Album 'Clarity' is out now - Here are some initial reviews (Including mine)

Zedd's new album 'Clarity' is now out in the US, you can pick it up from the iTunes music store here. Or you can wait until Oct 9th where it will be available to purchase from Amazon:

CDN$ 14.36

The EDM blogosphere was out in force giving Zedd's new album their full support:

After giving this album a good listen last night I must respectfully disagree with the reviews above. With the exception of two tracks I found the overall album generic and pop driven. Take the track 'Clarity' for example, how is this song any different from anything Katy Perry or other Top 40 artists have released recently? For somebody as respected as Zedd for being on the cutting edge of EDM, this track is as generic as it gets. Sadly, I essentially share the same thoughts for the tracks 'Follow you Down (Feat. Bright Lights)' and 'Lost At Sea (feat. Ryan Tedder)'.

Now for the tracks that I actually liked. I believe Zedd & Lucky Date's 'Fall Into the Sky' featuring the vocals of Ellie Goulding to be a beautiful track with an innovate drop that immediately sets it apart from the pack. As you hear Ellie Goulding's haunting vocals, 'Fall into the sky' slowly builds taking you on a journey that eventually crescendos into a powerful electro infused drop that leaves your body no choice but to jump up and down in joy and excitement. The other track of note is 'Codec,' which was one of the hardest hitting tracks of the non-vocal variety in the album, will be sure to please the fans looking hear something more raw from Zedd. 'Codec' in it's original form is already ready for the dance floor but I am looking forward to hearing some remixes that might give the track an even faster pace. 

It gives me no pleasure to write a negative review on an artist that I respect like Zedd, but given the overwhelming love for this album from the other blogs I felt it was important to give my two cents in rather than simply joining the chorus.  I'm not quite sure what I was expecting out of the 23 year old wunderkind, but 'Clarity' wasn't it.

P.S. I'm not including the tracks 'Shave It Up' and 'Spectrum' in my review because they have already released prior to this album. To give Zedd's album a listen please visit Dancing Astronaut for full track listing.