The Guvernment reflects on their 16th Anniversary Event

The official blogger for the Guvernment was really impressed with Pierce Fulton:

"The moment I walked from Chroma to Kool Haus Fulton was in the middle of my favorite track from this past summer, Goodbye Fly from Joris Voorn.  To the average fan that song may hold no bearing, but the Ibiza anthem goes beyond an addiction for me.  I was sold on the young producer and had only heard one track. Having only a portable table to work with in order to accommodate Wolfgang Gartner’s set-up, Fulton commanded the crowd faithfully with his inspiring selection of music that included Mr. Mime from his Sink or Swim EP and US from Leon Boiler. "

Apparently Above & Beyond gave their fans an extra hour for their Toronto fans, lucky.

(Source: Guvernment)