Swedish House Mafia beats Adele for top spot in UK Charts - What does it mean?

A few days ago 'Don't You Worry Child' by Swedish House Mafia beat out Adele's track 'Skyfall' to top the UK Charts. To me this is the defining news story that signals that EDM = Pop Music.

This is a product of the success that EDM has had as it finally transcended into wider popular music appeal. But should we be celebrating or mourning this fact? If the newcomers to the scene start digging beyond the biggest EDM chart toppers then this could spur the wider EDM community as a whole and that would be a good thing.

But if EDM becomes overly commercialized with only a handful of artists playing the same tracks over and over while creating sub-par collaborations with major pop stars then this whole EDM phenomena might sputter out before it finds firm footing. Let's hope that never happens.

(Source: Billboard)