Mat Zo is mixing up his live sets and keeping it fresh by looking back to old classics

According to Dancing Astronaut, Mat Zo was seen playing a 9 year old house track (Junior Jack - E Samba) and a 13 year old Tiesto remix of Silence ft. Sarah McLachlan at the Santos House Party in New York last week.

Mat Zo has been known to be quite vocal to rile against the current state of Trance music on Twitter, and like Arty, is in a state of flux as he tries to carve out his individual style in their young careers. Maybe digging up tracks from the past and finding inspiration from them might be just the thing to mix things up in the current state of DJs over relying on the Beatport top 100 for tracks to use live.

Tiesto recently Tweeted his love for a Jay-Z quote saying "if you like my old shit, listen to my old albums" - well it seems Mat Zo is doing just that.

(Source: Dancing Astronaut)