The new Dada Life 'The Rules of Dada' Album is now out - Here are the reviews

Dada Life released their much anticipated album 'The Rules of Dada' yesterday on iTunes:

Here are some initial reviews from various music blogs:

Dada Life's 'The Rules of Dada' is an astonishingly good album from the Swedish duo which blew out all of my expectations and more. Prior to the release I was ready to give this album a good dressing down as I found Dada Life's 'Feed the Dada' track fell short of other Dada Life classics like 'Kick out the Epic M**********R' and even 'Rolling Stones T-Shirt'. Thankfully this album delivers all new anthems that will be sure to light up the dance floor. Which ones you ask? Here are my two stand out selections:

The track 'So Young So High' is evocative of what the Dada Life style is all about - fun, unpretentious, hands-in-the-air, euphoric musical tune that will get the entire place singing in unison to the comically high pitched vocals. This track is so playful and fun that I catch myself smiling and putting my hand in the air whenever the sing along vocal chorus comes on, even after playing it over a dozen times.

'Boing Clash Boom' is what I believe to be the best track in the album. If you've ever seen any Dada Life live concert footage you'll know that the Swedish duo lives to put the dance floor into a frenzy and 'Boing Clash Boom' will help take everyone to the next stratosphere with the hardstyle infused drop. Make no mistake, this track is the very definition of a banger that can turn the most mild mannered kandi kids into heavy metal mosh pit converts.

Dada Life really shows off their range as artists as they demonstrate that they are capable of creating more intricate and deeper tracks which are really showcase by 'You Will Do What We Will Do' and 'Don't Stop'.

'You Will Do What We Will Do' immediately sets it apart from the rest with that deep and sinister vibe at the beginning to a slow buildup which leads to a heavy drop and then eases you off with  'Daft Punk'esque' robotic vocals that remind me of Boys Noize 'Ich R U'. Brilliant. 'Don't Stop' is the final track on the album and one of their best thanks to its chill vibe, goose bump worthy vocals that shows off Dada Life's more soulful and sensitive side.

Dada Life's 'The Rules of Dada' is a musical triumph with no noticeable weaknesses that illustrate their diverse range of styles. With any luck this album will propel them to even further heights up the DJ Mag Rankings and future festival headlining tours around the world. Dada Life sets the standard for what an EDM album can and should be.