Boys Noize 'Out of the Black' Album is out - Here are the Reviews

The long awaited third album of Boys Noize is now out on iTunes and will be shipping from Amazon on October 16th: 

Out of the Black
By Boys Noize

The reviews for 'Out of the Back' are for the most part positive as the album provides a little something for everyone:

If you want to know where I've been spending a lot of time this week then visit this Mixmag page with an exclusive stream of Boys Noize latest album.

I must admit that when I first heard the full album I didn't like it. I felt all of my senses were assaulted with the more industrial in-your-face sound complimented by the cold mechanical vocals which were far off from the more melodic vocals that I'm used to listening in other genres. But I didn't give up and as I listened to the album a second, third, and fourth time I eventually grew to adore certain tracks with 'Stop' being my favourite. Alex 'Boys Noize' Ridha doesn't make it easy on you but once you sink your teeth into 'Out of the Black', it rewards you like a warm embrace.

Favourite Tracks: 'What you Want', 'XTC', 'Ich R U', 'Stop', 'Got it'.

I've had this track on repeat.

Boys Noize will be touring Canada with three dates in December: