Big Shot State of DJ Culture 2012 Survey: 90 DJs Speak Out

It's a long read but well worth it because it's always interesting to hear differing perspectives on the current state of the industry from the DJs themselves.

Here are some of my favourite responses:

Where do you see DJ culture right now?
Kiss Sell out: "...It’s definitely exciting! The EDM explosion in the US is proof of that! Everyone’s making music now and the strict conventions of electronic music have been completely forgotten it seems. You can make a drum step triple time techno tune now and no one will bat an eyelid!"
In your opinion, what is the most disturbing trend?
Johnny Pluse: "The refix, remix, mash up trend is getting a bit out of control. I’m very of guilty of this myself, but we need to push original music a bit more. People ripping tunes from YouTube and playing them out, that’s not putting anything back into the scene and the audio quality is muck."

In your opinion, what is the most disturbing trend?
Showtek: "Genres! We hate people who categorize shit. People sometimes have too much of an expectation of what you should do and if you don’t do what you used to do or normally do they don’t sometimes understand. The fact that we are artists means that we are sometimes also very experimental, like a painter. You don’t want to paint the same shit your whole life, you get inspired by other things in life and we translate that back in our music. The good thing is that there are enough people who are not narrow minded. So f*ck genres and let’s go crazy!"

These responses are just scratching the surface, check out the full article feature here.

(Source: (Via TA) Bigshot)