What To Do This Weekend: Holiday Edition

Not that much going on besides Friday night, but that's alright because it's the holiday season and it's a great time to be with your friends and family. Rest up because there are a number of huge parties happening early next week along with New Year's Eve! 

Flosstradamus split up

 Via FB

Via FB

Flosstradamus, the big Chicago trap duo that were a part of the trap movement from day 1 have broken up yesterday. Josh, who took the role of the hype man of the group, waited until the end of their major tour to break the news to their fans. He will pursue a solo career under the name "Yehme2", and everyone should expect some exciting new music from that project very soon. Meanwhile, Curt will remain on as Flosstradamus as that evolves into a solo act. 

Check out both official statements below from both Flosstradamus and Yehme2: 


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